Guide on Solar Pricing

We get so many people contacting us wanting to include solar power to their Tiny House Plans. There are a myriad of options when it comes to going off grid. We have a couple of companies we can recommend to you with regards to solar power. Please contact us to dicuss in more detail if you are looking to go down this route. As a guide, to go completely off grid, you are looking at anywhere between $20,000 – $30,000.…

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Meet Kas – Tiny House Builders Team

The stars aligned for Rebecca and Kas who met at a Sustainable living seminar over a year ago. Rebecca was just beginning her journey with Tiny Houses and Kas was living in one while travelling the country with her family for 18 months. 6 months later Rebecca was too busy and needed an extra pair of hands and Kas just happened to have bought a new home at Waihi Beach and was looking for a job in the area. The…

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Letter To the Prime Minister – Affordable Housing Solutions – Go Tiny

Letter to the Prime Minister - Affordable Housing Solutions With the recent media release and interviews undertaken by the Prime Minister around providing some much needed affordable housing solutions. We took it upon ourselves to contact Jacinda and many other Ministers involved in Housing, Social Developement, and Building/Developement to educate them on the benefits of Tiny Housing and some changes in legislation which would create some more affordable housing options. You will find our letter below along with a very… Read More

Focus on Features – Episode 9

FOCUS ON FEATURES - Episode 9 Site Costs – If you want your Tiny House connected semi-permanently, there will be some associated site costs involved after your Tiny House is delivered. Site costs will include a variety of things depending on your site, your council and the way you want to live in your Tiny House. Here are a few things that may pop up: • Water tank and pump • Grey water set-up • Solar panels, batteries etc. •… Read More


FOCUS ON FEATURES - Episode 8 Ventilation – It's super important in a Tiny House! Think about the amount of heat, steam and smells that are created from your general day to day living at home… Now imagine all that condensed into one smaller space. Heat, steam and smells can be created in the Kitchen: by the oven, microwave, toaster, steam from pots, and the jug boiling etc; in the Bathroom: steam from the shower, hot water taps, toilet smells,… Read More