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Focus on Features – Episode 9

FOCUS ON FEATURES - Episode 9 Site Costs – If you want your Tiny House connected semi-permanently, there will be some associated site costs involved after your Tiny House is delivered. Site costs will include a variety of things depending on your site, your council and the way you want to live in your Tiny House. Here are a few things that may pop up: • Water tank and pump • Grey water set-up • Solar panels, batteries etc. •… Read More

Rotorua’s first 6 person Tiny House open to public viewing

Rotorua's first 6 person Tiny House open to public viewing Rotorua’s first 6-person Tiny House opened it's doors for public viewing last Friday - for those of you who couldn’t make it here is a quick video. It’s now a beautiful family home!! See our website for more details of this plan the ‘Kauri’ Click on the image below to watch. This is what it really looks like when a family of 6 are all moved in to one of our beautiful tiny… Read More


FOCUS ON FEATURES - Episode 8 Ventilation – It's super important in a Tiny House! Think about the amount of heat, steam and smells that are created from your general day to day living at home… Now imagine all that condensed into one smaller space. Heat, steam and smells can be created in the Kitchen: by the oven, microwave, toaster, steam from pots, and the jug boiling etc; in the Bathroom: steam from the shower, hot water taps, toilet smells,… Read More

The Kauri

THE KAURI Yet another Tiny House rolling out the door to our excited clients. The aptly named Kauri is 3m wide x 8m long and 4.2m high and features sleeping space for 6! Custom built storage, hanging wardrobe and a full sized 900mm shower mean this home really makes you feel like your living large. This home will be lived in by a family while they build their home and will then become a B ‘n’ B to create an on-site revenue… Read More


FOCUS ON FEATURES - Episode 7 Ceiling Feature - Our show home features a clear varnished ply ceiling with black negative detail and we LOVE it! This treatment is very on trend and being done in a lot of commercial fitouts. It is a little trickier to install but really upgrades a standard ply ceiling. Our ply supplier loved it so much he took photos and was telling all his clients about it! Who says going Tiny means you have… Read More


FOCUS ON FEATURES - Episode 6 Sofa bed/storage – The requirement for our show home's lounge space was: 1) Comfort 2) Ascetics 3) Storage 4) Additional sleeping 5) Specific size 6) Quality 7) Durability So many boxes to tick in such a small space... I’m proud to say we ticked every box with one piece of furniture!! We had a corner couch custom made that is super comfortable, looks and feels amazing, has custom designed storage in the corner section… Read More


FOCUS ON FEATURES - Episode 5 Storage - I have shoes... and I mean 'I have shoes!' I work in a corporate job so need shoes for work, I have a young family so need shoes for the weekends, I'm active so need shoes for sport (Netball shoes, Touch boots, Running shoes) and then there are pretty shoes for going out! Ooh and slippers! How am I supposed to give them all up?! One of the thought processes of going… Read More


FOCUS ON FEATURES - Episode 3 Windows - Kiwi's love indoor/outdoor flow, natural light and the feeling of space. Our Tiny House Show Home achieves all this and a main reason is the strategically placed french door and 8 windows. Unless weight is a strong focus for your Tiny House build we recommend double glazed toughened glass (both panes) and is what we supply for our Tiny Homes. The toughened glass is very important while travelling on our sometimes bumpy… Read More


FOCUS ON FEATURES - Episode 2 Flooring - In a Tiny House flooring is very important. The house not only gets hotter and cooler quicker due to it's small size, which means flooring can splinter, warp and crack, it is also mobile so typical floorings such as laminate flooring can move in transit and then creak when you walk on it. For our Show Home we selected the commercial grade Karndean Loose Lay vinyl planks to create a stunning natural… Read More