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Practical help to build your perfect tiny home  

Help Me Dream

Tell us about your dream tiny house...

Your dream tiny house is as unique as you are and we would love to make your dream come true… but first, you need to dream the dream! Visiulise your dream tiny house. Everyone we speak with has an idea of what their dream house would look like and feel. Check out the 3 steps to dreaming below and, when you’re ready to build your dream home, come and tell us what you want in your tiny house and how you want it to look, and we’ll tell you how we can make it happen. It’s that simple.

9 easy steps to your dream tiny home






Meet & Brief


Design Brief & Custom Quote

Choose Tiny House Builders

Sign Contract

Choose Colours & Finishes


Building Starts

Inspect your build

Delivery & Move In

I have a dream

We all have an idea of how our dream tiny house would look. You've probably spent hours scouring You Tube for tiny house videos, become inspired by Instagram, or created your own Pinterest board. If you’ve reached that stage in life where you can finally make your dream tiny house a reality, congratulations – let’s get down to business.

The journey to building your dream home all begins with research. Make sure you check out our latest designs to find a plan that works for you. Next, consider the land you’d like to build on. Do you have land already, or are you on the lookout for the perfect land to lease? Check our our things to consider when looking for land.

Coffee Table

Meet & brief

We’re thrilled that you’ve found Tiny House Builders. When you choose to build with us, you’re choosing the very best in the business. We recommend you have a look at dreams we’ve already built to be inspired by others who are now living in their dream home. Once you have an idea of what you like, then it’s time to get together and refine the details of your build.

We listen to what you would like to incorporate into your new home design, how you’d like it to look, and your budget and time frame. Start with one of our plans, and customise it to better suit your requirements. Or we can create a unique home plan just for you. Alternatively, you can bring us your own design – we can work with that too!

Meet & Brief

Design Brief & Custom Quote

We offer you a range of flexible options for building your tiny home. You can customise one of our design plans. Each option can be tailored for aesthetics, space, style, and of course your budget. We work with you to ascertain the best option for building your unique tiny house and scope the project to encapsulate all of your ideas, wants and needs into a clear design brief.

design & brief
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