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Dreams now built 

Real Life Homes

Project Brooks

Jillian's aspiration was to offer a luxurious Airbnb accommodation on her property, and she turned this dream into reality by adding a Kowhai Tiny House on Wheels (THOW) to her site. This allowed her to generate additional income while preserving her own privacy and space. The Tiny Home boasts a stunning kitchen with crisp white cabinetry and deep navy splashback tiles, creating a perfect "home away from home" experience for her guests.


Project Dyer

Linda's dream of off-grid luxury living came to life with her exquisite Kowhai Tiny Home. Equipped with an LPG incinerating toilet, heater, hob, and water heating system, she kept her solar costs to a minimum while enjoying all the comforts of home. The interior boasts a herringbone barn door, Chevron flooring, shaker-style lacquered cabinetry, and solid timber accents throughout, creating a truly luxurious ambiance in her tiny haven.


Project Sutton

We are thrilled to showcase our Kowhai single level consentable Tiny House on Wheels (or Foundations). This Tiny offers almost the same large open plan layout as the Pohutukawa still with fabulous high ceilings! The bedroom features a full wardrobe and can be fitted with a lift up bed for additional storage. The bathroom/laundry has a large 900w vanity that sits perfectly alongside a full height linen cupboard and still includes the large 900x900 shower!

Sutton Web-20.jpg
Sutton Web-10.jpg
Sutton Web-17.jpg

Project Broomhall

Kelly's quest for a luxurious home office led her to choose the Pohutukawa single bridge design. This stunning build showcases deep green kitchen cabinetry, a spacious butler's sink, delicate feature lighting, a stylish planter box, and a unique perforated handrail bannister feature. With these exceptional features, her Tiny Home becomes not just a workspace but a sanctuary of comfort and style where she can work and relax in luxury.

Tiny Home April Web-6.jpg
Tiny Home April Web-20.jpg
Tiny Home April Web-21.jpg

Project Crawford

Leah and Russell's breathtaking Kowhai Tiny Home boasts a dramatic black kitchen with cabinetry reaching the ceiling, creating a striking contrast against the emerald green tiles and the rich blackwood timber benchtop. The bathroom is equally stunning, with a stone vessel bowl and tasteful accents of black throughout, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to their charming abode.

The Crawford's home was featured on Living Big in a Tiny House

Tiny Home May Print-9.jpg
Tiny Home May Print-18.jpg

Project Bartlett

Peter and Brenda have embraced a stylish retirement by adopting a minimalist lifestyle, unlocking the freedom to explore the world and enjoy the rewards of their years of dedication and hard work.


Their setup includes a Tiny Pod for an office and sewing room, connected by a deck, and the addition of a spacious pergola. This epitomizes the pinnacle of luxury Tiny Living. It's no wonder their home earned the prestigious title of Best Commercial Tiny Home of 2022!

The Bartlett's home was featured on Living Big in a Tiny House


Project Booth

Great Barrier Island Delight! For Dennis and Bev, this Tiny House on Wheels (THOW) provided the perfect solution for a challenging building site. It offers them a full-time living experience with all the luxuries they desire, including a luxurious bath, three TVs, two sofa beds, and a queen loft bedroom. With ample space for both daily living and accommodating guests, they now have the room they need to enjoy their island home to the fullest.

007 - 2 Storey Tiny Web.jpg
010 - 2 Storey Tiny Web.jpg
022 - 2 Storey Tiny Web.jpg

Project Beer

The Kowhai Tiny Home showcases a spacious wrap-around kitchen designed for the most proficient of home cooks, providing ample bench space and storage. With a striking pine rustic barn door and a harmonious blend of black, white, and natural timber accents throughout, this Tiny Home offers an ideal solution for long-term living, whether for a single occupant or a couple. It's a cozy yet functional haven for those looking to enjoy the comforts of home in a compact space.

Beer Tiny Home Web-12.jpg
Beer Tiny Home Web-15.jpg
Beer Tiny Home Web-14.jpg

Project Brown

The Browns, with their large milking farm, sought the ideal solution for their farm manager's accommodation. Prioritizing a rear entry for easy access from the farm, they wanted a Tiny House that offered all the luxuries and space necessary for comfortable full-time living. This thoughtful design ensured that their farm manager could enjoy both convenience and comfort while overseeing the operations of the farm.


Project Digglemann

Kacey's Pohutukawa Double Bridge, honored as Tiny House of the Year 2022 and recipient of the Resene Colour Award, stands proudly as a fully off-grid masterpiece. Vibrant pops of color set against a dark backdrop infuse it with unmatched character. Nestled in a picturesque location boasting water and mountain views, Kacey's addition of an expansive deck elevates this dwelling to an extraordinary level of charm and comfort, truly a stunning place to call home.

Kacey's Tiny home was featured on Living Big in a Tiny House


Project Davis

Karen's quest for personal space was grounded in a mindful budget approach. She opted to invest her funds in a high-quality structure and planned to add her desired internal finishes gradually as her budget allowed. Her kitchen was intentionally kept minimal to expedite her move-in process, with the intention of utilizing the kitchen facilities provided at her location until she could complete her own kitchen setup. This approach allowed her to balance her budget while achieving her goal of independence.

009 - Single Tiny Web.jpg
005 - Single Tiny Web.jpg
003 - Single Tiny Web.jpg

Project Clarke

Liz's aspiration for homeownership led her on an inspiring journey, starting with a caravan and culminating in the acquisition of a Pohutukawa Tiny House. This significant upgrade allowed her to fulfill her dream while staying within her budget. By incorporating her personal touch with feature lighting and solid timber benchtops, Liz transformed her Tiny House into a true haven, achieving the cherished goal of having a home to call her very own.

019 - Tiny2 Web.jpg
031 - Tiny2 Web.jpg
040 - Tiny2 Web.jpg

Project Dubuisson

This purpose-built dwelling was designed to provide Nana and Grampa with a comfortable and convenient living space close to the family. The Kowhai single-level design perfectly suited their needs. They opted for a custom-designed fold-out sofa bed with storage, featuring serviceable industrial vinyl and USB charging capabilities, all harmonizing with the deeper wood tones chosen for the overall design of their cozy home.


Project Mayson

Heidi's dream of achieving self-sufficiency has become a reality on her picturesque property. The seamless transition between indoors and outdoors is exemplified by her elevated deck, adorned with an outdoor bath, nestled amidst a serene forest of towering trees.

Here, she enjoys the tranquil beauty of rural sunsets and the enchanting melodies of native birds. Heidi's journey to minimalistic living has not only simplified her life but also made her a proud owner of a low-maintenance haven. Going tiny has allowed her to bask in the wonders of nature and embrace the joys of true, sustainable living.

Tiny House Print-18.jpg
Tiny House Print-7.jpg

Project Hook

This remarkable consented kaumātua dwelling offered a tailored solution for Nana, enabling her to reside with her whanau in her purpose-built Tiny Home. It provides all the luxuries of a brand-new residence, affording her independence while keeping her close to family for connection and the support of the whanau.

026 - 3178 Tahawai Web.jpg
012 - 3178 Tahawai Web.jpg
019 - 3178 Tahawai Web.jpg

Project Ellmers

John and Angela were captivated by the striking wallpaper that imbued their far north property with a resort-like ambiance, perfectly framed by stunning sea vistas of the bay below. As vegetarians, they initially had reservations about the white benchtop's ability to withstand stains from spices like turmeric. However, after conducting a sample test, they were delighted to find that the fresh white surface could handle their culinary endeavors, and they eagerly proceeded with their choice.

August Web-17.jpg
August Web-5.jpg
August Web-4.jpg

Project Grayling

Achieving independence for Tarsha right here in Katikati, this permanent consented Kowhai Tiny Home is built on foundations. Its high windows create a sense of spaciousness, offering a connection from the deck to the mesmerizing sea views. Notably, this build boasts a sizable laundry and storage area, marrying functionality with stunning design.

036 - 247 Matahui Web.jpg
038 - 247 Matahui Web.jpg
017 - 247 Matahui Web.jpg

Project Jesney

Choosing to go tiny was the ideal path to homeownership while ensuring space for her son when he returned home. The exquisite Pohutukawa Tiny Home embraced natural finishes and earthy tones, capturing the essence of a tranquil retreat. It's the perfect fusion of practicality and aesthetic beauty.

Jesney Tiny Web-13.jpg
Tiny House April.jpg
Jesney Tiny Web-23.jpg

Project McGregor

Kiera, their daughter, was nearing the end of her university journey, and instead of opting for conventional renting, she chose to embark on a unique path by crafting her very own tiny home on the McGregor’s property. The meticulous attention to detail during the design phase, coupled with a selection of premium finishes, culminated in the creation of a remarkable Kowhai home that transcends mere functionality.

This high-end Kowhai not only caters to Kiera's needs but sets a new standard for modern living. It's a testament to her vision and commitment to creating a space that reflects her individuality and offers a superior cost effective living experience.

009 - Tiny Kowhai Web.jpg
014 - Tiny Kowhai Web.jpg
026 - Tiny Kowhai Web.jpg

Project Patten

When the Pattens embarked on their quest for the ideal Airbnb setup, they found their match in our Pohutukawa single bridge design. Its versatility to comfortably accommodate up to six guests, along with its resilient construction methodology, made it the ultimate choice for a reliable long-term income source.

What truly captivated them was the dining area's ability to comfortably seat six individuals indoors, ensuring a warm and inviting space for guests, even during the winter months.

Patten Tiny Home Web-2.jpg
Patten Tiny Home Web-15.jpg
Patten Tiny Home Web-17.jpg

Project Lucas

Facing overcrowding during peak holiday seasons, Ian and Elaine expanded their family batch with a cost-effective, hassle-free Tiny Pod extension. Without requiring building consent due to its size and lack of plumbing, the pod's Weathertex cladding provided a 25-year warranty and seamlessly blended with the existing batch, as if it had always been a part of the home.

Tinyhouse 017.JPG

Project Hitchings

This Pohutukawa was built as an additional accommodation option for our clients. It features birch ply negative detail ceilings, dishdrawer/oven/hob appliance stack, storage stairs and our large 900x900 square 3 sided shower. 

Tiny AirBnB web-7.jpg
Tiny AirBnB web.jpg
Tiny AirBnB web-16.jpg

Project Keith

With a granddaughter on the way, the need to be close to her daughter's family was urgent, yet Rona wanted to respect their space. The solution? A Tiny Home in the backyard, offering the perfect balance. This beautiful Kowhai Tiny Home features natural Weathertex that gracefully weathers over time like natural timber, along with a stunning soft aqua kitchen. It's a splendid addition that harmoniously complements the surroundings.

Keith Tiny Web-1.jpg
Keith Tiny Web-28.jpg
Keith Tiny Web-10.jpg

Project Potterill

After bidding farewell to their motel business, Athol and Lorraine have embarked on an exciting journey of downsizing and retirement.

“We are loving the luxury feel of being in our compact but very comfortable Kowhai Studio unit. It’s a bit surreal because our tiny home has this ultra-modern luxury "Condo" feel but here we are located in a quiet rural location surrounded by tree ferns, fantails and the calls of the tui”

This build features the largest open plan kitchen/dining/lounge of all our plans.

Our Session (1).jpg
Our Session (24).jpg
Our Session (20).jpg

Project Eady

This beautiful Pohutukawa features a client requested white ceiling with black negative detail which complements the painted window frames for a really crisp modern white look. The planter/bookshelf on the second mezzanine will feature the clients plant collection and so with the beautiful teal velvet fold out sofa bed which also has storage under!

This home was featured on

Living Big in a Tiny House

Dec.Tiny House Web-19.jpg
Dec.Tiny House Web-7.jpg
Dec.Tiny House Web-10.jpg

Project Frerich

Leasing land on a picturesque site was the golden opportunity that perfectly complemented Gudrun's brand-new campervan, offering the freedom to travel with a home base to return to. Gudrun's unwavering love for a peony velvet fabric was a must-have on her custom sofa . After all, she's the sole curator of her space, and with the wisdom of years behind her, she's boldly embracing her desires and creating a sanctuary that's uniquely her own.

Our Session-1.jpg
Our Session-7.jpg
Our Session-23.jpg

Project Armstrong

Our most famous build by far, Helen’s Tiny House was featured on Living Big in a Tiny House, and with over 4 million views.  Based on our standard Pohutukawa, Helen had a strong vision for her home and with her keen eye for style it was a pleasure to work through the design process with her to create her forever home! 

Living Big In A Tiny House - Pohutukawa Tiny House Builders NZ
Bryce Langston - Living Bin In A Tiny House
Tiny House Builders - Pohutukawa Tiny House

Project Forman

This awesome Kowhai has a HUGE wrap around kitchen! Featuring a tall pantry with soft close drawers, full fridge/freezer, 4 burner gas hob, rangehood above, standard oven, a tall dishdrawer beside the beautiful stainless sink, and loads over overhead storage! 

Through a cavity slider (pocket door) is the bedroom with ranch slider and high window above, has a full wardrobe with beautiful barn door leading into the bathroom/laundry. Washer-dryer combo is featured here with super functional bathroom with full size linen cupboard!

Beer Tiny Home Web-12.jpg
Beer Tiny Home Web-26.jpg
Beer Tiny Home Web-10.jpg

Project Henderson

This was our 2017 Show Home and featured Scandi storage stairs, soft pink interior ply grooved feature wall, custom kitchen overheads in matching meranti ply. This build was featured with an impressive exterior cedar barn door which could be pulled over the main French doors while the clients were away to reduce the heat in the home and create additional security. It also showcases one of our comfortable custom sofa bed settings which includes storage under.

henderson 1.png
anderson 2.jpg
henderson 2.png

Project Hall

Fully off-grid this Pohutukawa is north facing  with stunning south facing views captured by the perfectly positioned picture window and additional loft 3rd window.  Custom kitchen with open shelving we worked with the client to design.

halls 3.JPG
halls 1.jpg
halls 2.JPG

Project Baily

Escalating Auckland house prices prompted Craig and Sanet to explore alternative homeownership solutions. Their off-grid Tiny Home, complete with a composting toilet and solar system, was thoughtfully designed with their feline companions in mind. It now boasts cat walks and two cat doors, ensuring the comfort and enjoyment of all its occupants, human and feline alike. This creative adaptation has not only provided an affordable housing solution but also a delightful space for everyone in the family, including their cherished cats.

June Second Tiny Home Web-2.jpg
June Second Tiny Home Web-4.jpg
June Second Tiny Home Web-7.jpg

Project Dukoski

A complete custom build this tiny features an office downstairs, along with the kitchen, lounge, and bathroom. Upstairs lofts cater for a large bedroom and TV/games room. With custom designed shelves between mezzanines allowing the owners cats to walk between mezzanines. 

Tiny House Laundry
Tiny House Bush
Tiny House Loft

Project Browne

Built in 2016, our Kauri design was designed to accomodate 6 beds for this large family who have been comfortably living in it since. Downstairs features a small kitchen/lounge/diner, master bedroom with wardrobe, additional storage in the hallway and under the stairs, and central bathroom. Upstairs houses 4 x single beds and more storage.  

Large Tiny House
Tiny House Family

Project Ihaka

Our 2016 Show Home was loved by so many and set the standard for all our future builds! It features black painted ply board and batten cladding, high spec black tapware, sink and negative detailed birch ply ceiling. It showcased a louvre window in the laundry, custom storage and double lofts perfect for the purchaser and her family. This build has since been sold to new owners and is now set up as an Air Bnb in the Waikato.

Ihaka 2.JPG

Project Boyd

As Karen moved closer to retirement, she was eager to escape the rental cycle and transition into homeownership, accomplished her goal by embracing Tiny Living on leased land. Her custom-designed Tiny Home incorporates sentimental elements, such as her grandmother's antique stained-glass window, a distinctive rope banister, and carefully chosen feature lighting. All this fits seamlessly within the spacious layout of the Pohutukawa Tiny Home, allowing Karen to achieve her dream of independent and comfortable living in her golden years.

Tiny Home April Blue Web-14.jpg
Tiny Home April Blue Web-8.jpg
Tiny Home April Blue Web-17.jpg

Project Mackenzie

This Pohutukawa has the most windows of any of our builds! These include 3 windows on both mezzanines, a full opening bi-fold lay-back kitchen window and the large picture window behind the sofa. Custom finishes throughout this home make it unique, with awesome character and still achieves a feeling of spaciousness. Full wardrobe storage, closed in laundry, large butlers sink with futura ply top, black corner glass shower, custom mezzanine storage and built in planter/book shelf all come together to complete this fabulous Tiny!

Tiny House Web-21.jpg
Tiny House Web-1.jpg

Project Bone

This Kauri Tiny House sleeps 6! Featuring full size kitchen with laundry, lounge/kitchen/diner, large bathroom, storage stairs with rear exterior storage shed. Master bedroom downstairs has a lift up Queen bed with a full wall of wardrobes. Up easy climb stairs lead up to another two loft bedrooms also featuring their own wardrobes.

The Bones' family home was featured on Living Big in a Tiny Home

whenuapae WEB-14.jpg
whenuapae WEB-4.jpg
whenuapae WEB-9.jpg

Project Grace

Designed with whanau (family) in mind, this build is our Kauri sleeper clad in Weathertex and accommodates 8 people with the use of the Murphy fold down sofa bed. The client requested a net in the loft space above the lounge to be used as an additional hang out space for the older children. The fire pole access ensured the younger children were safely kept out. This build has the most storage of any build with a full walk-in mudroom, storage under the stairs, under the 3x queen beds and also in the sofa!


Project Glover

Designed for our client to be used as an AirBnb rental, they have created an oasis in the heart of a bustling holiday town. With the Pohutukawa's spacious 3m wide open plan layout and additional impressive deck it has achieved a popular accommodation option. 


Project Myers

With a desire to enjoy the most of life without a huge mortgage, our clients selected the finest materials and customised their Pohutukawa to make it their own. Fully off grid (on a flower farm!) it includes an island with storage, blue feature wall, red vanity basin and a full mezzanine dedicated to storage. This build has been on sold and relocated to it's happy new owners.  


Project Karaka

Designed with whanau (family) in mind, this build is our Kauri sleeper clad in Weathertex and accommodates 8 people with the use of the Murphy fold down sofa bed. The client requested a net in the loft space above the lounge to be used as an additional hang out space for the older children. The fire pole access ensured the younger children were safely kept out. This build has the most storage of any build with a full walk-in mudroom, storage under the stairs, under the 3x queen beds and also in the sofa!

eastcape 1.jpg

Project Laing

Sam and Concetta had a vision for the way they wanted to live and comenced their Tiny build while still searching for the perfect property to park their Pohutukawa. Featuring custom joinery wardrobes with loads of drawers, wall mounted beside lights to allow for their super king bed! 

NZ Tiny House Pohutukawa Design - Tiny House Builders
Pohutukawa - Tiny House Builders
Tiny House Builders - Pohutukawa Tiny House

Project Evans

Based on our Pohutukawa design we extended the floor of the second mezzanines to allow more room for the clients daughters and added louvers to add create privacy and also allow ventilation. We also designed wall mounted storage solutions for the clients vinyl records, player and CD collection. 


Project Davern

This was our 2019 Show Home on display at Waihi Beach over the summer of 2019/2020. This build features; the striking Shou sugi ban outdoor seat, set against the super durable Weathertex cladding, a solid timber bench top with finger print resistant matt black cabinetry, custom foldout sofa bed including storage, and lift up queen bed base also creating lots of additional storage underneath. 

Tiny House Builders NZ
Stunning Tiny House
Dream Tiny House

Project Pryde

After having stayed in Tiny accommodation in Asia our client downsized from her standard 3-bed home to live fully off grid in her Kauri on a beautiful farm. This build has a separate lounge, bathroom and kitchen on the ground floor and two bedrooms upstairs. With two sets of French doors it makes the most of the beautiful location.

pryde 1.jpg
pryde 2.jpg

Project Bettley

Completed in 2017 this build was clad in plywood board and batten. With removable custom flat deck trailer. Featuring front and rear entry French doors. It's black sink and tapware creates a sharp aesthetic against the clean lines of the Futura Plytech benchtop.

Tiny House
Tiny House Builders
Tiny House Kitchen

Project Grayling Airbnb

Our client Kylea is thrilled with her new AirBnb offering! Her striking Kowhai Tiny Home pared with a 2-bedroom Tiny Pod, is elegantly clad in black Weathertex and complemented by cedar soffits and accents of shou sugi ban timber. The addition of the Outdure deck adds to the resort feel. The interior boasts a stunning chevron solid timber benchtop that works beautifully with soft matte square splashback tiles, a white sink, and copper tapware.

011 - Single Tiny Web.jpg
AirBnb Tiny Web-2.jpg
Beer Tiny Pod Web-15.jpg
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