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Airbnb profit to be made

Tiny House Builders do it all for you...

Call us today to discuss!

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Looking for your perfect
side hussle?

Have you got the ideal spot on your land for a little Airbnb... But you'd love an expert to take care of the set up and get it running for you...

Tiny House Builders will facilitate everything from; physically building your customised Airbnb Tiny, delivery and setting it up on site, sourcing and installing all appliances, furniture and accessories - Right down to knives and forks!


Consider it a full project solution.

We will even set up the back-end listing online, organise professional photos and help your Airbnb go live, before we hand over to you to start generating income. It's that simple!

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Tiny House Airbnb

From June to December 2020 we set up one of our Tiny Houses as an Airbnb, allowing people interested in tiny homes the opportunity to experience staying in one for themselves. The tiny was rented out for 8 months in total, during that time the tiny achieved a  4.89/5 star rating from guests, had a 60.4% occupancy rate, average stay length of 1.2 nights, achieved an average nightly rate of $141 and earned a total of $17,488. This was achieved during winter and also during a period of Covid lockdown so we anticipated even higher results post lockdown. This Tiny House was sold in early 2021 after it was on display at Waihi Beach over the summer. Please get in touch if you'd like to discuss further the process of creating additional income on your property by Airbnb'ing a Tiny House.

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