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The experience you can expect when building with us

Client Testimonials


Peter and Brenda Bartlett

"Downsizing has improved our quality of life immensely and we couldn't be happier! We freed up capital to allow us the freedom to travel the country, which has been a dream come true.

We are incredibly grateful to Tiny House Builders for listening to our needs and walking us through the entire process (from start to finish). Their commitment to high quality and attention to detail is evident in the beautiful finishings of our tiny home”.


Heidi Mayson

“Becoming an empty nester and aspiring to own a home, I found trust and confidence in Rebecca from our very first video call. Now, two years into my journey as a Tiny Homeowner, I've realised that 'Having less, has given me so much more'.

This experience has been truly cathartic, and my message to fellow empty nesters is simple: Just do it, without regrets or hesitation. I discovered that Tiny House Builders perfectly aligned with my needs, and I strongly advise walking through the homes to get a feel for the space and how it flows.

Tiny House Builders attention to detail is not like any other and their weekly progress photos were a delightful addition to my journey. My home is an invaluable investment and a dream come true.”

019 - Tiny2 Web.jpg

Liz Clark

“I couldn’t be more thrilled with my decision to invest in a Tiny home from Tiny House Builders. They listened to my needs, incorporated changes to suit my lifestyle and budget and I feel like my life has fallen into place as soon as l walked into my new home.

It has been a freeing experience for me, that has created a less maintenance lifestyle and given me a home life balance, that l am incredibly proud to show off.

I am a lot happier in life. I sleep better and this home, brings me so much joy. It has truly transformed my life for the better and l am forever grateful to Tiny House Builders for their experience to help me achieve this”.

Tiny Home April Print-25.jpg

Kelly Broomhall

“Having spent a fulfilling 2.5 years in my tiny home already, l have found transitioning to tiny home living has allowed me to grow more self-awareness about my personal priorities and future plans.
Having time to reflect, my key piece of advice for those considering Tiny House living would be to think about future requirements (whether that’s family growth or physical capabilities), not to just think about aesthetic and latest trends. Ultimately, let your needs and long-term vision shape your decision when embracing the unique world of tiny house living."

Leah and Russell - Copy.png

Russell & Leah Crawford

“We have thoroughly enjoyed our Tiny House building experience! The Kowhai plan suited our needs the most, and we are happy our Tiny has a Code of Compliance. After visiting Tiny House Builders factory, we could see the quality of their builds was excellent. We were a little worried our build went over our initial budget as we changed and added things we wanted, but they gave us the costs prior to approving the variation for each request and we absolutely love the result! The Tiny House Builders team were approachable, reliable and the quality of their workmanship speaks for itself! It was a perfect collaboration, and we'd love to build another one with them!”


Sam Laing

“It has been just over 2 months since we moved into our tiny house. After being a dream for two years, these two months had a lot to live up to, and they did. In fact living tiny has exceeded my expectations.

In week 2 we had a dear friend come stay for a whole week. I was nervous. We still had boxes, it's a small space, and
about a hundred other what if scenarios were in my mind. Well it rained non stop for the whole week - meaning we were all stuck inside. And it was great. So great, she came for another week just recently and proclaimed that our bathroom was nicer than her million dollar house in Auckland's bathroom. 


The 3m width and large ceiling space in the lounge really make this a very comfortable living space that we usually share with our three dogs and cat very comfortably. 

I think the biggest change in moving tiny is how much it has changed my mindset and happiness. I am so content with my life right now. I don't have this need to buy more stuff, and I think mostly it's because the house has everything I need. 


Helen Armstrong

“Rebecca and the team are simply amazing. I could not have had a happier experience and be more delighted with my home. Look no further for your builders – these guys are such a dream to work with and their builds are top notch!”

bone family photo.jpg

Russell and Sarah Bone

“Rebecca and the team are simply amazing. I could not have had a happier experience and be more delighted with my home. Look no further for your builders – these guys are such a dream to work with and their builds are top notch!”


Mike & Trudy Hall

“Our Tiny House is now complete and the result is beyond our expectations! We are delighted with it! We would wholeheartedly recommend Tiny House Builders Ltd, Katikati if you are looking for an honest company who will do a professional job for you.”


Andrew Henderson 

“We have owned a rural block in Central Otago for more than 20 years, with the idea of living there in the future. Over the years the development costs and approval processes have become more and more difficult. We were not at the point of wanting to commit to an expensive build for a place we cannot commit to living in full time at this stage, but we really wanted to be able to use our land and spend more time there. We looked at several tiny house designs online and on-site before deciding on the Pohutakawa and Tiny House Builders in Katikati. Our Pohutakawa Tiny House is spacious, comfortable and well appointed. Now the house is on site, we know we made the right choice. I can’t imagine any other solution being that fast and easy.“


Greg Evens

“Here’s a photo of me and the girls in the Tiny House.

The girls love their rooms and their beds, which made it a bit of a challenge getting them up this morning.

The house is very comfortable and just a pleasure to be in. The kitchen is really nice to cook in too, so I’m looking forward to getting into a bit of that again.

I am so loving my Tiny house!”


Louise Pryde

“Working with Rebecca to create a design that was going to make me feel at home was super easy. They were available whenever I had a question or something to change was no problem.

The home is everything I could ever ask for and the building process was not stressful. My friends love coming to stay and are blown away by the design. Thanks so much. “

Insta Diggelmann.PNG

Kacey Diggelmann

“Going Tiny has been a beautiful reality to achieve.
I found with Tiny House Builders Ltd, no design idea or feature l wanted to incorporate, was unreasonable and Rebecca certainly helped me explore all options to help my lifestyle flow within my space.  Rebecca is receptive to my personal needs and gave a lot of certainty and peace of mind throughout the build process. It was a truly memorable experience.
Tiny House Builders were accommodating in every way and bent over backwards to help me achieve my dream home – Thank you to Rebecca and the team at Tiny House Builders. I am happy to show my home off and look forward to meeting those who book in a visit through Tiny House Builders website."


Tina Myers

“With retiring on the cards, we realised we wanted to live cheaper and with no mortgage.

After visiting Tiny House Builders factory in Katikati and researching how much building experience they had to offer, we knew straight away that the Pohutukawa design was the ideal design for us and our needs. We were pleasantly surprised with how much space is inside this Tiny design.

We appreciated that we could stop in and see our build in process and kept up to date regularly. It was a truly great experience and would recommend building with Tiny House Builders”.

JESNEY Kim and son.jpg

Kim Jesney

“After a lengthy research process, then viewing Tiny House Builders with their Pohutukawa design at Waihi Beach over summer, I knew this was the design and financial solution for myself and my teenage son.

Rebecca and the team provided high-quality workmanship and exceeded my expectations with their flexibility and made every effort to provide solutions to my

ever-evolving budget. 

Living in a Tiny has been liberating and freeing and allows me to lead a minimalistic lifestyle."

Sutton Web-11.jpg

Jane Sutton

“When my son said build a Tiny and live on my rural block – I jumped! My Kowhai design is practical and suited my aesthetic and lifestyle.

Rebecca eased my mind and explained every step of the process, was easy to talk too and always available. Living in a Tiny is like being on holiday”.

Dec.Tiny House Web-5.jpg

Daniel and Amelia Eady

“After watching ‘Living Big in a Tiny’ and seeing the Pohutukawa design, we knew this was the home for us.

Rebecca’s knowledge and experience was amazing and delivered in a way we could understand. Living in a Tiny has meant we can live a lifestyle with less maintenance and achieve a low footprint and less impact on the environment. Our home feels bigger than what the pictures depict and is cosy. If you are considering going Tiny – It’s a cleansing process and we absolutely love our Pohutukawa design”.

Not sure.jpg

Jo Moriarty

“Being in my 60’s, l reassessed my lifestyle and realised l didn’t want to work past retired age. My decision to go Tiny was driven to downsize, declutter my life for my kids sake and leaving a lesser footprint on the earth. Living in my Pohutukawa design, I feel cosy and feels like my own sanctuary. It’s a beautiful design and l comfortably hosted 13 people over for lunch. I appreciate Tiny House Builders for their caring approach and genuine interest to make sure my home is customised to suit my lifestyle”.


Rona Keith

“Living in my cosy tiny home for over 1.5 years now, has fulfilled my dream of downsizing and being closer to my cherished grandkids. The clever design of this Kowhai plan, ensures a seamless flow with no obstructions, making the space feel remarkably spacious.  Every item has a dedicated place, which has help simplify my life and make me feel organised! Addition to the home, I've gradually added a deck, all while keeping future plans in mind for a potential ramp later in life. I love my Tiny home and how it has allowed me the freedom to live in my own space, all while living with my family close.. allowing me to be Super Granny.  My purpose is family and my Tiny has been part of this truly rewarding journey.”


Katie Grace

“Due to a change in circumstances, l needed to explore alternative and more affordable housing options. After researching a lot of companies, l choose Tiny House Builders, as their amazing Pohutukawa design jumped out at me and provided all the features l wanted. This is my dream home and it perfectly suits my lifestyle. It is truly an extension of me, and is the best house l have ever owned. Rebecca and the team were so awesome to deal with and I highly recommend Tiny House Builders”.

Beer Tiny Home Web-14.jpg

Karen Jepsen

“After researching seven Tiny Companies, this company outweighed my decision due to design and genuine approach to service. Everything has been thoroughly thought through and implemented to suit my lifestyle – down to my specialised sewing cupboard. I can’t think of anything more that l can improve about my experience with Tiny House Builders. They are reliable, trustworthy and efficient in their approach. Rebecca is passionate and has provided me superior craftsmanship and a safe and happy environment to live in. I feel like l live in a motel and are away on holiday and proud to show off my home.”

028 - 247 Matahui Web.jpg

Tarsha Grayling

"Choosing tiny living was driven by my aspiration for a simpler life. The decision was further solidified by the impressive reputation of Tiny House Builders, which ensured the design aligned seamlessly, with my surroundings and match existing aesthetic. Living in my tiny house has exceeded my expectations. The positive impact on my daily life is immeasurable. Challenges like clutter and limited space were easily overcome, and the abundant storage and customisable design have been invaluable. I wholeheartedly recommend tiny living, especially due to the remarkable work of the building company. Sharing my journey with friends and family has inspired them, and I owe this wonderful transformation to the exceptional vision and execution of Tiny House Builders"

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