Tiny House Builders was born from our own need to create extra income for an upcoming maternity leave period. We had a good size section and looked at building a minor unit (60sq mtrs – 2 bed) but after talking to council, surveyors and architects we soon realised it would have been a minimum of $60k before even starting to build… The project would have been well over $250k and simply not a viable option for our site.

We explored other options including house buses, porta-cabins and caravans, they all seemed such a temporary holiday style option. We wanted something that we could rent out that would ‘feel’ like a home! We then discovered a Tiny House on wheels and after driving over 600km to physically stand in one we fell in love!! The rest as they say is history. (see Who are we? for the rest of the story)

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Tiny House Builders Ltd. PO Box 2, Katiakti, 3166, New Zealand
Homes built in Katikati, New Zealand – admin@tinyhousebuilders.co.nz

What our customers say

“House looks amazing! One of the best I’ve seen!”

Emma Smith

“I loved the extra little features that were put in, and the workmanship was very detailed”

Kerris Browne